My Experience

Coaching is an integral part of my own career experience; through the process, I have had the benefit of meeting exceptional leaders in a variety of roles.  Through these experiences I have gained a breadth of knowledge about the opportunities and challenges within a diverse set of organizational functions.

My roster of executive coaching clients includes healthcare organizations, regional and international manufacturing organizations, and non-profit organizations. 

Within the past 2 years I have personally coached executives in the positions of Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, as well as Vice-Presidents of Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales, Human Resources and Strategic Development.  

When Should You Contact Me?
  • You are new to the organization and want to accelerate the learning curve as you assimilate into the new organization

  • You are in charge of an highly visible organizational initiative and need support and an objective perspective as you navigate change

  • You are want to increase your level of influence within your organization

  • You would like to make a career move

  • You want support as you manage a difficult relationship

  • You want support to assess your team and develop plans to ensure that organizational goals are met

  • You want to develop your leadership skills

  • You want to develop an innovative culture in your team, division or organization.
How it Works
Typically I meet with executives to understand the goals of the coaching process and to allow the coaching candidate to get to know me and my style.  Since coaching is a 1-1 learning format, this meeting provides the candidate for an opportunity to determine if my qualifications and style are a fit for their personal style and organizational goals.
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