Customer Initiatives

Talent Springs facilitated a 2 day meeting between a client organization and their customer.  The goal of the planning process was to strengthen the customer partnership by clarifying capabilities, identifying joint opportunities and risks, and identifying root causes of recurring problems and providing each partner with a clear understanding of the othersí business objectives.  Elements of the project included: 
  • Consulting with the client to identify the goals of the session

  • Designing a framework and process to engage groups in meaningful dialogue in a non-threatening environment

  • Facilitating a 2 day group session with 24 executive leaders from both companies

  • Documenting outcomes and next steps from the session 

    Project Outcomes

    1. Strengthened confidence in the partnership of the participating organizations

    2. Identified opportunities to better utilize each organizationís capabilities and people

    3. Strengthened parties understanding of the hidden value offered in the partnership

    4. Accelerated the process for resolving issues that involve multiple levels

    5. Developed an action plan with timelines to facilitate process improvement
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