Planning for Change

Talent Springs conducted an organizational assessment and facilitated a 4 day session with a group designated as high potential leaders of a large manufacturing organization.  The goal of the project was to identify a strategy to address changes in the market place that required a shift in the sales approach.  Elements of the project included:

  • Conducting an organizational assessment to include interviews and site tours

  • Facilitation of 4 day think tank session with 17 identified high-potential leaders

  • Documentation of think tank session outcomes

  • Development of recommendations by leaders

  • Presentation of recommendations to executive team
Project Outcomes
  1. As a result of the session, the organization:
        • Identified core operational and leadership obstacles

        • Re-designed the organizationís structure

        • Implemented 80% of team recommendations

        • Developed a cohesive market strategy and communication plan

        • Re-aligned key leaders to organizational goals

        • Increased organizational collaboration

        • Increased sales
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