Coaching Sessions

A coaching schedule is developed on the front end of the process.  Usually I meet with an executive every other week and together we develop a plan of action.  Some common elements within the coaching process include:

Leadership Assessment

A growing body of research indicates that leadership capability is linked to self-awareness and self management.  The use of assessment instruments enables an executive to develop strategies to maximize individual strengths and minimize limitations.  I generally select the assessments to match the individual goals of the executive.  Commonly used assessments include: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi), TK Conflict Assessment, 360 Leadership Assessment, Strong Interest Inventory (Career)


The assessment component may include, according to client preferences, an observation component.  The executive coach observes the leader in meetings and daily business activities and provides feedback and developmental coaching.


The assessment component may include interviews of select reports, peers or leaders.  The executive coach, in collaboration with the executive, will develop an interview guide, conduct interviews and provide feedback to the executive.
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