Customized Training

As an outgrowth of organizational planning or team development, executive sponsors recognize training as a critical element in the execution of strategy.  Typically I collaborate with these sponsors and functional area leaders to develop and facilitate targeted training programs. 

Customized Training has several components:
  • It is designed to meet learning needs identified in a formal assessment
  • It is directed toward a targeted group of people with common and specific learning needs
  • The content utilizes and refers to specific organizational practices and processes
  • Case studies and examples are tailored to the organization and developed in collaboration with subject matter experts within the organization
  • The focus of the training is on behavioral outcomes that will support the execution of an initiative
Sample Projects

1.  A fast growing national organization wants to focus sales professionals on new business development and penetration of existing accounts.  Sales professionals within the organization have not had formal training in consultative sales skills and the benefit of using these skills to target companies.  The goal of the project was to provide sales professionals with a common process and philosophy for targeting and consulting with clients. 
Program materials were developed to:
  • Communicate the organizationís sales philosophy and value proposition
  • Reflect actual cases and profiles of existing clients
  • Educate sales professionals on existing support resources within the organization
2.  A manufacturer wants to develop a management program to ensure that all supervisors can effectively execute the organizationís goals by inspiring performance.  The focus of the program was on management essentials.  Program materials were developed to:
  • Communicate the organizationís performance management process
  • Clarify the expectation of leaders to engage in succession planning practices
  • Communicate a common model for managing conflict within teams
  • Reflect actual management challenges in a case study format

3.  A healthcare organization want to increase leaderís awareness of listening as a core leadership competency; the goal of the session is to inspire leaders to assess and, if necessary, modify their listening practices as a means of attracting and retaining employees.  A 3 hour session was developed to illustrate the link between listening and employee recruitment and retention. 

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