Sheila M. Cowdrey SPHR
Vice President Human Resources & Organizational Development 
Excellence In Motivation, Inc.

Debbie is a great collaborator - she asks the right questions and gets to know your company and its needs quickly and thoroughly. Even though - through this process Debbie learns the good, bad and ugly of the company - I never worry that she would share that information with others.

As a facilitator, Debbie is high energy, interesting and makes working with her rewarding and fun. You can always depend on her meeting her commitments and usually exceeds your expectations.

Debbie is the type of person you meet and feel comfortable with immediately.  She is professional yet friendly, smart but not opinionated and I trust her to do her best and give me an exceptional product. She is always current with proven tactics.

EIM has worked with Debbie in the delivery of a management training program, the development and delivery of a customized sales program, and as a consultant and facilitator. 

Vice President, Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Debbie is honest, challenging yet non-threatening.  She is genuinely committed to the client's success (both the company and the individual that she is coaching).  Debbie is an excellent listener who gives meaningful feedback - not just pat “solutions.” Fair and energetic, Debbie is upbeat in an infectious way which makes her an excellent motivator.

When I first met with Debbie, I was having some performance problems on the job.  Going into this coaching process, I thought I was doing fine and my boss was over-reacting to a couple of minor glitches.  What I came to realize about myself and my approach to my work was eye-opening.  The personality testing was very helpful, but even more so was the coaching, which gave insight into what the tests meant.  Planning and delegation tools were extremely useful and I continue to use both routinely.

Ultimately, my coaching experience was very helpful.  I gained a better insight into my strengths and weaknesses.  I learned how to capitalize on my strengths and compensate for or overcome my shortcomings.  A key aspect was the insight I gained into both my personality and work style, as well as that of my boss.  Armed with that understanding, I am better able to give him the work product he expects in a package that fits his style.

Through the coaching process I valued Debbie's honesty.  She is very knowledgeable about human psychology, corporate cultures, problem solving, business solutions, and organizational methods.  Debbie cares and it comes across in a very genuine way.  She is humble - knows that she is good at her work, but doesn't wield her talent; she lets it speak for itself.

Bill Heinrich
Associate President/CFO, The University of Cincinnati Foundation
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, Rotary Club Cincinnati

As past president of the Rotary Club of Greater Cincinnati, I was charged with executing a strategic planning process to address critical changes in the membership of the organization and to create a roadmap to the future.  Following an extensive RFP process and group interviews, a committee selected Debbie due to her reputation with her clients, experience working with non-profit organizations, and her expertise in conflict and change management. 

Our experience with Debbie was very positive; as a facilitator Debbie was adept at working with a committee comprised of passionate people whose strong personalities and perspectives required guidance to achieve group consensus. 

I was particularly impressed with Debbie's leadership and process.  With Debbie's direction, we were able to conduct a thorough assessment which allowed for a large number of stakeholders to participate in the process.  Through an analysis of organizational data, interviews, focus groups and a web survey, the strategic planning team was armed with information to effectively direct the plan and build a sense of ownership within the membership. 

As a result of the process the Rotary Club of Cincinnati now has a strong strategic vision, clear goals and strategies, and a process for ensuring the implementation of the plan.  Debbie's leadership was integral to this outcome. 

Julia Abell, Senior Director of Employment
Children's Hospital Medical Center

Debbie worked with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center to develop Human Resource performance competencies for both professional and administrative support staff.  In addition, we asked that she help us create professional ladders for each staff segment.

Overall we found, Debbie Heuer to be very easy to work with; she is very down-to-earth, has a good grasp of the challenges of doing business, and demonstrated outstanding listening skills. Debbie's follow through was impeccable.  She was quick to respond to questions, emails, and phone calls.  Through out the project she was solution oriented and collaborative in her approach.

Debbie provided every deliverable that we requested and in a very aggressive time frame. In addition, she continued to be available to us for follow up questions and guidance. As a result, we have a real “road map” to guide the development of an HR career at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Staff are now aware of how the competencies “look” in their jobs.

We highly recommend Debbie to other organizations as we're confident that she will deliver what is requested. She listened to our needs upfront, designed a process that was aggressive but do-able, and consistently produced what she said she would produce.

 Jenny Stoops
Vice President Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer
Middletown Regional Health System

Debbie is genuine, honest, and trustworthy - the epitome of the ultimate professional.  She is able to interact with people one on one, in small or in large groups.   Whatever the setting, she connects with people at a very “real” professional and personal level.

I have worked with Deb, in leadership coaching projects at all levels (potential, emerging or well established leaders), and with team building, change management and leadership “education” and professional development.  Regardless of the project or audience - Deb has the unique and uncanny ability to assess the situation, the group and personal needs and adjust the intervention to fit PERFECTLY!   Deb does not provide rote answers - but works with the people involved so that they reach the “right” answers and direction - a rare and valued talent.

As a result of Debbie's work, leaders who were at a crossroad - who lacked credibility and professional collegial respect, have gained the professional demeanor and behaviors to take them to top corporate leadership positions.  New leaders have succeeded and grown.  Teams have come together with the result of efficient, functional and personally rewarding leadership.

Chris Browning
Regional Vice President Human Resources
Mercy Health Partners

Debbie has worked with us on several projects including a strategic plan, a talent management strategy, the design of an organizational re-structure, executive coaching and leadership training.  In each endeavor Debbie has demonstrated the highest level of integrity; she is a direct and open communicator, has high energy and is able to synthesize data from multiple sources to provide accurate assessments.  Overall Debbie is committed to her work and is trustworthy.

In the strategic planning process Debbie designed an approach and facilitated the process by incorporating team building and a marketing focus that addressed research into current industry trends.  As a result, we now have a touchstone upon which to check our progress and priorities and to ensure alignment of departmental and organizational goals.  Most significantly it has reinforced business outcomes as measure of HR Impact

Debbie also supported our organization with the development of a Talent Management Strategic framework that provided order and structure to help us to more effectively communicate our leadership story and employment brand. Debbie's outstanding approach to Talent Management has been adopted by our corporate office and her approach and format have been used by others within the system as well.

As a facilitator and coach, Debbie has demonstrated the ability to distill complex processes into user friendly formats.  She uses a variety of problem solving methods to encourage creativity and innovative thinking.  Debbie poses tough questions, challenges you to gain deeper personal insights into strengths, improves your ability to lead and influence, to face fears, and to cope with challenging situations.

From my experience, Debbie facilitates honest, open communication and trusting relationships; she has taken the time to know us on a deep level which has contributed to her effectiveness as a consultant. 





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