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Sincere thanks to the many clients who have courageously embarked on the journey to change themselves and the cultures of their organizations.    I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many talented professionals who use every resource to make their worlds, and their businesses, better. 

Below is a sample of the types of organizations who have invited me to support them.  While this is a partial list, it does illustrate that opportunities to strengthen people and cultures are common across a range of organizations.

Debbie Heuer

1. Cascades

2. Cincinnati Bar Association

3. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

4. Cincinnati Rotary Club

5. Clark Steel Framing Systems
6.  Dayton Superior

7. Excellence in Motivation

8. Firelands Regional Medical Center

9. Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

10. Jamieson Laboratories

11. Luxottica Retail

12. Mercy Health Partners
13. Northern Kentucky University

15. St. Elizabeth Medical Center

16. University of Cincinnati College of Law


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