About Debbie

As the founder of Talent Springs, I invite you to learn about me and my approach to learning and change.  Having personally experienced several life and career transitions, I believe that redefining ourselves, our roles and our relationships is critical to effectively changing our lives and our careers.
For me, a dramatic change occurred while I was living in Windsor Ontario, a small Canadian city just across from Detroit Michigan.  In 1990, I happened to meet a fellow from Pittsburgh who later became my husband.  Following immigration to the United States, two stints as a trailing spouse, a career change, a Masters program and various personal adventures, my husband John and I settled into West Chester OH, one of the fastest growing suburbs in Cincinnati. 
If Iím not working, reading a novel, writing fiction, or indulging in CSI or the Apprentice television shows, Iím probably visiting our second home just off of Lake St. Clair in Windsor, Ontario.  There, and at home, I truly enjoy the simple pleasures of lifeógood friends, close family relationships, Italian food, a brisk walk, Pilates and as many vacations as the schedule allows.  Itís the stuff that warms my heart, nourishes my spirit and helps me to maintain a sense of humor and perspective in this increasingly chaotic world.
Now that you have a sense of who I am, you may want to know what I do.  Because organizational development consulting draws from the disciplines of business, psychology, education, and sociology, it is sometimes difficult to define in simple terms.  But, as I tell my mother, I essentially help people to address their business problems or opportunites through a conversation that inspires change. 
Sometimes these conversations are about processes, sometimes they're about people, but regardless of the method used, the outcome of every engagement includes: 
  1. Clarifying the direction of the organization, team or individual

  2. Energizing people to increase their engagement in their work and with the organization

  3. Facilitating execution through communication, education and process development

  4. Meeting organizational goals through effective planning, communication and measurement
When should you contact me?
  1. You have an important initiative that requires multiple levels of people, planning, communication and analysis to effectively implement the change.

  2. Your organization is growing rapidly and is challenged to develop new processes and plans while managing increasing operational demands.

  3. Two or more groups or individuals are struggling to collaborate, share goals or implement required changes in a timely manner or they are unable to negotiate due to historical conflicts or politics.

  4. You are a leader who needs opportunity to reflect on the strategic direction of your organization, your leadership style, your succession plans or your structure; you need an external perspective to provide you with an opportunity to think through problems without compromising your position or your relationships with others.

  5. You are a leader who needs support for your own career development.

  6. You need an objective assessment of the current state of your organization to effectively develop your strategic plans.

  7. Your executive team is less collaborative than your strategic plans warrant; you want to accelerate the collaboration of the team through dialogue, consensus building and accountability.

  8. You want to develop a talent management strategy to ensure that top organizational talent is identified, attracted, retained, and developed.

  9. You want to re-design a process that involves multiple stakeholders.

  10. You want to strengthen a partnership with key customers.