Managing Change

The leadership team of an international manufacturer is required to shift their practices in response to a radical change in business conditions.  The team is struggling to manage the operational issues while planning for change.  As a result of these demands, communication processes have suffered and the leaders are feeling isolated and out of alignment.  Through an assessment process that involved communication with the Operational Leader, General Manager and Human Resources Leader, a series of sessions were designed to support the leader to improve communication and effectively manage projects. 

A series of seven 4-hour sessions were facilitated and included: 
Project Outcomes 
  1. Leaders reported improved working relationships within the team

  2. The identification of 3 new positions and a recruitment timeline that were needed to meet new business needs

  3. The revision of meeting schedules and formats and the development of a series of guidelines for scheduling, facilitating and communicating meeting outcomes

  4. The development of a 3 year strategic plan